Thursday or pizzaday?

Good evening! How's your day going? We are currently at Sandra's parent's place and checking out a new car they have bought. Very good looking, Skoda Octavia. Today I walked Kira to meet Sandra when she was walking home from work and she got so happy to see her. When we got home we made … Continue reading Thursday or pizzaday?

Split it into two

Hello, hope you are having a good day, my day has begun quite well I would say. Today the weather almost woke us up because the wind is blowing so hard today, it is said to be around 10 m/s. Because it was so windy and the clouds were moving so fast, I decided to … Continue reading Split it into two

Quick update

Good morning to you all, hope you are having a good day! I recently got up and I am about to eat breakfast, the weather is quite relaxing to be honest because the rain is just pouring down. I am now going to get ready for the day and mostly just chill until later. Sandra … Continue reading Quick update