Good evening, how is your day going? 🙂 Today started quite slow, we slept until around 08:30 but managed to crawl up after that. I have been feeling out of energy but I have decided that sometime later in the evening I will try and go for a run. Hopefully, the weather will stay clear … Continue reading Catch!

Sunny Monday

Good afternoon to you, the reader of this post. I am currently sitting on our balcony with Kira in my lap and trying to eat some rhubarb pie. There's almost no wind, it's sunny and quite warm here. I have just come home from work and it feels good to be able to relax on … Continue reading Sunny Monday

Good morning apartment

Good morning, I woke up at the same time as Sandra and we had some breakfast at around 05:50, when she drove to work at around 06:30 I went back to bed and when she messaged that "I am at work now" I fell asleep after some minutes. I slept till around 09:00 and got … Continue reading Good morning apartment

Time to become active

Hello and hope you are having a great day! I am currently at my new home and now sitting in our office with a cup of coffee. So one and a half week ago was a big and exciting weekend for my girlfriend and me. We have been together for three years and it has … Continue reading Time to become active