I am now a system developer

Good evening!

I am just checking in here to tell you that I am currently working almost full-time and studying a bit as well, trying to finish my Master’s. Last time I wrote about a new job and I have now worked at Gambit for over 6 months and man do I feel at home there. 😎

I am working there as a System Developer and it has gone pretty well so far if I may say so.

My schedule is usually as follows:

  • Wake up at 06:00
  • Work at home for about one hour + have some sort of breakfast (at least a cup of coffee)
  • Get ready and drive to the office (~15min drive)
  • Plug in everything at my desk: mouse, keyboard, 2 monitors and my own headset
  • Work until 09:00 and have a coffee break
  • Work until 11:00 and have a 30min lunch break
  • Work until 14:00 and have another coffee break
  • Work until about 15:00 and pack up my stuff and drive home

When I get home I am always greeted by Kira and she is always super excited that I am back home. Usually Sandra is home as well but sometime she is still in school for about an hour after I get home.

My cuties ❤🥰

I currently have a course in Graph Algorithms which takes up a bit of my free time in the evenings when I have to do some coding assignments.

It is currently stormy in Finland so I hope we will get some sleep and that the electricity does not go away for too long if it does 😅

Good night and hope to see you sometime soon again! 😎

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