Good morning and a VERY LONG TIME since last. I checked that it was last summer since I wrote something. I just felt that I had nothing interesting to write about and now since it’s a new year I might have more to write about again.

Kira, our dog, turned one-year-old a few weeks ago and Sandra and I are celebrating our anniversary in 4 days, I cannot believe we’ve been engaged for a year already. 😮

I received my Bachelor’s degree last autumn and I am still working on my Master’s. I have also some other awesome news, I have got a new job which finally is in the same field as I study, IT. Tomorrow I’ll be going to meet theme again to discuss some work-related things and sign the contract, wohooo! I will most likely be starting work sometime next week, excited and nervous.

I hope to get back into blogging again, not maybe a post every day but I will start with at least one post a week at first. Hope that someone is happy that I am back! 😀 Have a great and lousy Sunday and I will see you next time, Byeeee! 🙂


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