Mud cake cookies!

Good afternoon! How are you today? I hope you are good, I am! 🙂

Today we slept for quite a while and I got up at around 09:00 and made some coffee and crispbread, delicious!


So yesterday I decided to bake some mud cake cookies, they were easy to make and not that sugary so you don’t want more than maybe half a cookie. The cookies also go so well with ice cream! 😀

While I was baking the cookies yesterday, Kira found a cosy spot to sleep in. Soooo cuuute! 😀

She squeezed herself in between the wall and the vacuum cleaner ❤

Tomorrow we are going to Helsinki to see Ed Sheeran, it’s so unbelievable that it’s happening already because we’ve been waiting for it for so long. Hopefully, the trip will go well and there will be no problems! The weather is supposed to be really good so we need to drink a lot of water so we don’t faint or something. :p

I am now going to go out with Kira and then play some games after that. I hope you will have a great day and I will see you again on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon depending on how late it is when we come home on Thursday. Baai! 🙂

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