Saturday chilling!

Good afternoon everybody, today is a hot day and I hope you are having a great day! 🙂

Today it is around 20+ degrees with a little bit of wind, perfect weather to be inside right? 😉 I am thinking about going out for a walk at some point today while the sun is out and take some photographs. I will post them tomorrow if I do so.

Today we stayed quite long in bed, until around 09:00 ish I would say. I made myself some coffee and then went outside with Kira, our neighbour, who is an old man, was sitting on the bench outside and must have gotten quite spooked when Kira came out of the door and the first thing she did was bark at him because he startled her.

Kira chilling under the office chair as usual (even though she is almost too big to fit anymore) 😉 ❤

Sandra has just walked to a place nearby where she will be picked up by the owner of the stable she goes to, to go to the veteran tractor show where she will be helping with the horse area where kids will be able to ride the horses they bring along. She will be gone for a few hours so I will probably try and go out to photograph before she comes home. When she comes home we will have dinner and then she will cut my hair, just with the machine on the sides to make it shorter. After she has fixed my hair I will take a shower and then after a while, she will go to the stable with a friend to ride some horses, which means I will be home alone quite a lot today.

From when we took an evening walk with Kira yesterday. She is so beautiful! ❤ Love you! ❤

A few days ago I borrowed a book from the library called “Anders Bagge – Mitt liv och mina hundar” which roughly translates to “My life and my dogs”. An autobiography about the quite famous Swedish music producer and celebrity Anders Bagge. The book is about 180~ pages long so not too long for someone who usually doesn’t read that much. The book is very funny, heartfelt but also sad at times when he talks about his life and how much the dogs in is life has helped and meant to him. I would highly recommend the book to you if you are a Swedish speaking person (unless there is an English translation of the book). I read through it surprisingly fast for my standard, it took me about 4-5 days when I read about 40~ pages each sitting. I usually read the book in the evening on the balcony sofa.


Today we have had lentil soup with crème fraîche, delicious and so easy to make. Unfortunately, we forgot to buy the garlic bread so we just ate the soup with some white bread with cheese. For dinner, we are going to have fried eggs with noodles.

I am now going to have a cup of coffee and play some games before I then go out with Kira and then head out by myself on my photography adventure. I hope you will have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂 Baaaai! 😀

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