Ouch, my fingers!

Good afternoon people, how are you today? 🙂

Yesterday after Sandra came home from the dressage contests, we relax like I said and also watched some Sommarkrysset and guessed to words that they ask for there, fun to do even though we can’t win anything because the broadcast already had been. :p We ate some chips and chocolate, Sandra had bought some limited edition raspberry chocolate which was really tasty!


Today I looked up some faster ways to solve the Rubik’s cube, after a lot of time watching videos and writing up algorithms I have now learned about half of them. I can solve the top two layers easily quite fast with the new tactic but the rest I haven’t remembered by heart yet so I need to check my notes for the last row.20190715_133115.jpg

Also, I felt that my cube was really slow and sluggish. I looked up how to clean up the cube and found a video that I followed. After taking apart the cube I realised that the cube the videos showed was a speed cube whilst mine is a traditional cube so the core is different. It was a lot of hard work and fiddling but it was so worth it because I surprisingly managed to assemble it back together and it is now so much easier to spin the blocks. But oh do my fingers hurt from trying to squeeze the pieces back together.

If I become much faster I will record a new video of me solving it. But I will need a lot of practice so I can remember all the different steps.

Today for lunch Sandra and I had macaronies with green beans and peas and vegetable beef. Delicious and so fast to make. Sandra went to work just before 13:00 and I have been sitting with my Rubik’s cube since and just finished with it.


The doorbell just rang as well and it was the postman which had a package for me that was too big to fit into our the letterbox on our door. I have finally received the clothes from Halifornia, which I am an ambassador for, and I will write a review of them for tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am now going to continue practising with my Rubik’s cube and maybe play some League of Legends with a friend. I hope you will have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂 Baaai! 😀

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