Bird photography!!

Good afternoon everybody, how’s your day going? 🙂

Today I got up at around 08:00 and brewed some coffee and went outside with Kira. When I got back inside I had coffee and bread for breakfast and the bounty cake for dessert! 😉

After Sandra went to work I went out with Kira again for a short walk, when I got back I decided that I could try and get some photos of some birds in the area because I had seen some ducks swimming in the river. Said and done I went inside and took my DSLR with my zoom lens and went outside with a mission! I got some pictures of the ducks and just a few of the other birds because they were a bit camera shy.


Here are the images from my shoot. Click on the images to see them in full size. 🙂

Today we are going to have tortilla for dinner and then in the evening, we are going to see Vörjeans perform at Åminne. They are a rockabilly band that Sandra and I like a lot! 🙂
Click here to listen to one of their songs (they sing with a Finland Swedish dialect so you might not understand the lyrics which is quite important in this band’s songs).

I am now going to have lunch and after that play some games. See you tomorrow where I hopefully will have some pictures from the show tonight and have a great day! 😀 Baaai!

Here’s a cute picture of Kira from when we were waiting for Sandra to come out of the store. ❤

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