It’s FridaYAY!!

Good afternoon everybody, what’s your weekend plans?

I’ve just come home from a walk with Kira, she was quite stubborn for a while before we turned around and began walking back home, on our way back home we walked by the veterinarian office where there were a few dogs. One of the dogs was a small Yorkshire Terrier that barked a lot and also a Harrier that didn’t really care about the other dogs. The Harrier walked the same way as Kira and I so she barked once or twice at him and then I made her sit and look at me instead which worked out somewhat well. Once we got back inside I made myself a glass of soda and gave Kira some fresh water and food.

Cutie! ❤

Sandra is currently at work but in about an hour I’m going there to get myself a library card and then she will ride the car with me back home. For dinner, we are going to eat Tortillas and for lunch I had spaghetti.

I’ve played quite a lot of TFT today and gotten a bit better at it, I am now going to play Dark Souls 3 until I go to Sandra’s workplace. If there is anything special happening this weekend I will either post about it tonight or tomorrow. Hope you have a great Friday and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂

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