Today I have done nothing

Good evening, how’s your day going? This will be quite a short post just so you know. 🙂

Today I got up at around 09:00 when Sandra got up and had breakfast. I drank some coffee and played some Dark Souls 3 while Sandra went to do some horse riding before going to work, so I’ve been home alone quite a lot with Kira today because after she got home from work she was home for about an hour before going to her best friend to do some barbecuing. She got home at around 20:00 and we went for a walk with Kira which we’ve just come home from. We are now going to relax on the sofa and watch some stuff on Youtube or something.

Kira has grown so much since this early picture of her from some time after we got her.

Have a great evening and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂 Baaai! 😀

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