Back after the wedding!

Good evening to you, hope you have had a great weekend and a great start in July so far! 🙂

So last Saturday, Sandra and I drove to Esse, my hometown, but before that, we drove to Sandra’s parents and left Kira there. When we arrived in Esse, we relaxed for a while before eating lunch, spaghetti with a meat sauce which was delicious. The wedding began at 16:00, we arrived at the church maybe 15 minutes before it began. It was really beautiful and my nephew sang a beautiful song.

After the ceremony in the church, Sandra and I walked to the location where the wedding continued, which wasn’t far away, only about a 5-minute walk. There we ate some good food, talked with a few people around the table where we sat and took some pictures. They had some funny activities as well which are quite traditional at weddings. All and all we had a blast and we went home at around 01:00, we were very tired.

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On Sunday we went to see some Friends of mine, we went to Friends and Burgers for lunch and sat there for maybe an hour or so and talked. After lunch, we walked to a coffee shop where we sat and talked for maybe another hour. I drank a chocolate latte and had a chocolate ball as well, delicious. We got back home at around 19/20:00 and picked up Kira, she was happy to see us and had behaved well during the stay.

Yesterday I made Pasta Pomodoro, which is basically spaghetti with a tomato sauce. It was really easy to make and tasted quite good as well.


This morning I found a spot in the grass where water had gathered. I thought that it could make for a good picture and this was the result.


Today we have done quite a lot, we have fixed out balcony. We have been to Vaasa and didn’t find the stuff we were searching for at first, we only found a life jacket for Kira. But luckily when we went to the other stores we had planned on visiting, we actually found all the things we needed. A table, chairs, big cushions for the outdoor “sofa”, a carpet and some sort of blanket. It was quite a tight fit into our small car but we managed to get it all in there! 😀 Once we came home it didn’t take too long before we had put everything where it was supposed to be and the end result turned out so good! We are very pleased with it. And Kira is so damn cute in her new life jacket.

Kira also noticed that there was a really tiny bumblebee flying around in our flowers so I tried to get a picture of it, it was really cute! 😀

We are now going to go for a walk with Kira because she is being a bit annoying and we need to get some energy out of her, so I will see you again tomorrow and hope you have a good day! Baaai! 🙂

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