I am …. *drumroll*

Good evening to you all and hope you are having a good day!

Today we’ve been relaxing for most of the day, when I woke up I made a cup of coffee and played some Dark Souls 3. Then Sandra and I booked the train tickets and hotel for when we are going to see Ed Sheeran at the end of next month. After that, we ate the leftovers from yesterday’s pizza making.

We then relaxed and I watched Despicable Me 3, which I haven’t seen before but I have seen 1 and 2. Very fun and good looking movie and I highly recommend it! 😀 After the movie, we took Kira out for a walk, refreshing and nice because the weather is really good at the moment, sunny, a bit windy and around 17 degrees.

Beautiful! ❤
A panorama from the walk! 😉

Now to the part you have been waiting for since opening this post! *drumroll*

I recently applied to become an ambassador for a brand called Halifornia Apparel, after I applied it didn’t take long before I received an email that I had been accepted to be a Halifornia Apparel brand ambassador. I have ordered a pair of sunglasses and a tank-top which I will review once I receive them.

AND!!! I have a special offer for you, if you buy something from their online store, they have all sorts of apparel for both women and men, you can use my code: TOMMYS629109420 to get 20% off your order!! How great isn’t that? And at the same time, you support me because I get a commission for each time the code is used. Go buy something nice for either you or a gift for someone else and remember to use the code TOMMYS629109420 to get 20% off your order! 😀 And thank you in advance! You can check them out on FacebookInstagram, Youtube or go straight to their website https://haliforniaapparel.com/.

I am now going out with Kira to let her do her business and then when I get back in I will make myself a cup of coffee and play some Dark Souls 3 again. Sandra is currently on a horseriding lecture but will be home maybe in an hour or so, once she comes home we will have some ice-cream and relax and maybe watch something fun on Youtube. Have a great evening and I will see you again tomorrow!! Baai! 🙂

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