Thursday or pizzaday?

Good evening! How’s your day going?

We are currently at Sandra’s parent’s place and checking out a new car they have bought. Very good looking, Skoda Octavia.

Today I walked Kira to meet Sandra when she was walking home from work and she got so happy to see her.

When we got home we made potato mash with some meat for me and vege for Sandra, delicious!

For dinner we made homemade pizzas, mine had cheese, pineapple and dried ham slices and Sandra’s had cheese, pineapple and onions.

Before making the pizzas went for a walk with Kira, the weather is quite nice because it’s not too hot nor cold!


When we get home we will go for another walk and just relax for the rest of the evening. Have a great evening and I will see you again tomorrow when I will reveal the “big” news, stay tuned for that! Baaai! 😊

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