Yummy in my tummy!

Good evening! This will be quite a short post but sometime in the near future I have some news to tell you so stay tuned for that! 😎

Today I got up at around 08:15 which is a bit earlier than usual the past few days. Trying to turn around my circadian (what even is that word? 😂). I have usually gone to bed really late and slept until like 10:00, which is unusual for me. Trying to get up earlier so that I can go to bed earlier will hopefully fix it!

Sandra ans I have been excited for Wednesday’s lunch because we, for once, went out to eat, at a Thai restaurant about 1km away from where we live, at a place called Thai Style. There we ate buffet, oh it was sooooo delicious!

Kira is growing and growing and she is having a hard time squeezing into place under my office chair, it’s so funny because she still tries her best!

Tomorrow Sandra is working in the morning so I will be alone with Kira but she will most likely just sleep so it’s not too much work. This weekend we are also going to Esse to attend at my cousin’s wedding, wohoo!

See you tomorrow! Baaai! 😊

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