Seven days

Good evening fellow readers, how has your past week been?

I have not been up to much the past seven days. Last weekend it was midsummer here, we were at Sandra’s summer cottage on Friday. It was really nice and Kira liked it as well. It was her first time out on the water but she handled it well, at first she was a bit reserved but after a minute or so she was as comfortable with it as driving the car. She wanted to sit close to you but after a while, she lied down and almost fell asleep.

She was so ready for the boat ride

At the cottage, we just relaxed in the sun and ate some good food. Kira loved to splash around in the water because it was quite hot that day.

She still liked to “hide” behind the curtains 😀

After we got home we just relaxed. Sandra began working this Monday and we have planned when I can work. I have put word through to the place where I work which days in June – August I am available for work, I am waiting on a response for that because there has not been anything yet but many go on vacation so it will surely come some work soon.

Best Snapchat filter there is!

We have begun to watch a new series called Bäst i Test (Taskmasters), the Swedish version and it is so incredibly funny that we have been crying in laughter at some points. I have now found the UK version as well, Taskmasters, and it is as funny, I highly recommend it.

I am now watching Taskmasters while Sandra is away being an official at a horse jumping event, she will be there for a while so I will probably need to take Kira for a longer walk by myself unless she comes home earlier than expected. Hope you will have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow! Baaai! 🙂

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