We’ve done a lot today!

Good evening to you, how is your day going?

Yesterday I got Dark Souls 3, some of you might know what game I’m talking about and some won’t. It is an RPG game which is mechanically very difficult. I saw a funny comment that there are a few different levels of difficulty: Easy -> Medium -> Hard -> Very Hard -> Extreme -> Impossible -> and then Dark Souls. 😀 And I have seen a lot of gameplay and thought that “Can it be that difficult?” and yes it can, you need quite good patience to be able to enjoy the game because you are definitely going to die a lot, at least the first 20-40 hours before you get comfortable with the fighting mechanics (unless you are some sort of God of gaming).

When I woke up this morning I played for a few hours before I needed to do some other stuff. Sandra was competing in a horse agility competition, she did so well even though the weather was quite bad. It rained when it started and got worse and then when the competition was over the rain stopped. In her class, she got 3rd and got a ribbon as a reward.


It is fun to watch Sandra in her element while she is with horses, I am impressed at how calmly she can handle the usually big animals. You can see how much she loves it as well.

When we got back from the competition, we ate the stew she made yesterday and it tasted quite good (in my opinion) and Sandra really liked it. After that, we relaxed on the sofa and Sandra got eager to do some baking. After a while we found something that looked delicious, it was a chocolate cake with custard and cashew nuts. She also invited her parents over for coffee too, they liked the cake and so did we. I also got some flowers for “unofficially” getting my Bachelor’s degree.

Delicious? Oh yes!

After her parents went back home at around 20:30, we took Kira out for a walk so that she will be out of energy for the night. The weather became really good after about 13:00, it got sunny and warm. Even when we were walking with Kira it was still around 18 degrees and no wind at all. Kira was funny because she loves running around and going crazy in tall grass, she runs around and bounces like a rabbit.

Tomorrow we are going on a long trip to visit my parents (about 130~km). I will try and take some pictures and post something most likely on Monday, so no post tomorrow. I am now going to play some DS3 for a while before going to bed, we need to wake up quite early tomorrow and get going at around 09:00. Have a great evening and weekend and I will see you again on Monday. Baaai! 🙂

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