How did the exam go?

Good evening! How has your day been?

I woke up quite early and began studying immediately, I have been so exhausted because I am not surprised if I have studied and prepared for about 24+ hours the past two days. I have just had a glance this morning at the mindmaps and some old exam questions. 20190614_120907.jpg

After we ate some left-overs from yesterday, I prepared myself and changed into some better clothes and drove to Vasa. I arrived at around 12:00 and the exam began at 12:30, so I got some last minute reading in (even though I know you don’t really learn/remember anything by that point).

At around 12:25 people began walking in, once there they called each person by name and you went to get your exam papers. When I saw the exam I felt quite confident, I was comfortable with almost all the questions some more than others though. I am quite sure that I passed but I hope I don’t jinx myself. I got 14 points last time and needed 15 to pass and then I hadn’t prepared or studied anything for the exam because I thought I was only having one exam and not two on the same time. Fingers crossed I passed this time, *crosses fingers*, I will let you know once I get the result.

It took me about an hour to finish the exam, there were four questions and the first two took the longest. After I was finished, I went to the city center to look for some new shorts to wear while I exercise/go jogging. After some time, I finally found a pair that looked like they would be a good fit for jogging. I bought them and then went and bought a bottle of red wine and Captain Morgan as a gift to myself for unofficially having a Bachelor’s degree.

When I got home I had a glass of red wine, it was tasty. We ate tortillas for dinner and then watched some “The farmer wants a wife (Australia)”. I also made my own unofficial certificate for my Bachelor’s degree with an image of me shaking hands with myself.

We came home a while ago from being out with Kira for a walk in the rainy weather. I am currently enjoying a glass of Captain Morgan while watching some gameplay on Youtube. Sandra is making a vegetarian stew which we are going to eat tomorrow.20190614_191332.jpg

Tomorrow Sandra is going to participate in a horse agility competition, I will drive her there and then go back home for a while and then go back to see when she competes.

Have a great Friday evening and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂

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