Days of studying!

Good evening to you all! It’s Wednesday and I have spent almost all day at the computer preparing for an exam that I have on Friday, what have you been up to?

When we woke up this morning I booted up my computer and played some 7DTD. After a while, I decided that I will now begin preparing for the exam I have on Friday. I got to take a break at around lunch to go out with Kira to let her do her business, when we got back in I made some coffee and continued studying. When Sandra came home from the stable, we ate lunch and began watching the final episode of Biggest Loser 2019. When the food had settled we went for a walk with Kira, she was excited and hadn’t been that far before on the road we walked on.20190612_152817.jpg

When we got back home we had got a note that said that some pictures we had sent to develop has arrived and can be picked up. With excitement, we drove to the store which has a post office in it and picked up the package. I will not say what the pictures are but I can say that it is a photo of Sandra and I, more on that at some later point. When we got back home I continued studying, I had Kira on the sofa behind me cheering for me and I had some perfect study music playing as well.

For lunch, we had some left-overs from yesterday but Sandra made some rhubarb cream for dessert, yummy in my tummy! 😀 With it, we had some custard sauce as well!

I am doing study sets of 45 minutes with some short breaks after each set. To keep my mind alert and focused. I am now going to take a longer break while Sandra and I take Kira for a drive when we will go and deliver some secret things! 😉

Tomorrow morning I will make a cup of coffee and continue studying. Hopefully, I will have finished my mindmap I am making about the subject by then so I can focus more on studying than preparing! Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow in the evening. Baaai! 🙂

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