My top 10 favourite bands!

Hello, fellow music lovers! 🙂

This will be quite difficult for me to try and pick 10 favourite bands from so many that I love but I will try my best to make the list a bit diverse to my best ability! 🙂 The order will be arbitrary and I will go into too much technicality on why I like the band just a general idea of why. Here we go! 😀 (I will also put the band’s genre according to Wikipedia next to their names and the name and genre will be a link to their Spotify page)

1. Iron Maiden – Heavy metal

I could not make this list without having Iron Maiden in it. It is one of the first bands I really loved and have listened to since then. Since I am a guitar player, I have really enjoyed learning many of their songs. They are so much fun to play and quite challenging as well. Also, I have seen them live, they are so alive when they are on stage and the awesome feeling when the whole crowd is singing along and air drumming etc.

2. Coldplay – Alternative rock

Maybe a bit unusual for a guy to listen to Coldplay, or at least at the time when I began listening to them at around 2005 maybe(?). Naturally, I was a bit ashamed that I listened to them so I did not really tell anyone about it if I got asked what music I listen to. But it didn’t take long before I realized that you shouldn’t care too much about what other people think of you and that has made me a quite strong person in that way. Coldplay’s songs are often very up-tempo and fun, the lyrics are meaningful and easy to remember. It is so much fun to sing along to different Coldplay songs, no matter what mood you’re in, you can find a song that suits it! I still hope I can get to see them live someday!

3. The Aristocrats – Jazz fusion/Neo-progressive rock/Instrumental rock

This band I found by chance when I was on Youtube and looking at different guitarists and I suddenly came upon Guthrie Govan. After looking at some of his videos I learned that he has a band with some other extremely talented people, Guthrie Govan (Guitar), Bryan Beller (Bass guitar) and Marco Minnemann (Drums). I like the wonky type of music which in some way is very fun as well, the songs are interesting and I wouldn’t dare to try to learn them on the guitar because Guthrie is literally a God on the guitar (he also looks like Jesus because he has long curly hair). The songs are not maybe for anyone, but if you are into other progressive bands you will probably like them!

4. Petteri Sariola – Instrumental guitar

This is as you might guess a Finnish guitarist who is really skilled at playing complex stuff. His playing style is fingerstyle and it is amazing to listen to him. He has done many different covers but also many original songs. I highly recommend you listen to his covers like “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and “Wake me up before you go-go”. There is so much emotion in the way he plays as well. He is also quite a good singer.

5. KAJ – Mixed music/Comedy

This is a comedy group made up of three guys: Kevin, Axel and Jakob (KAJ). They are awesome singers and do songs in all sort of genres, they have also made a musical which I have seen live and it was amazing, to say the least. You need to speak Swedish though to be able to understand what they sing but the music by itself is good too! They sing with a Finnish-Swedish dialect so you might not be able to understand everything they sing unless you are from the same area as they are.

6. Alter Bridge – Hard rock/Alternative metal

This American powerhouse is awesome, they’re songs vary from real heavy stuff to more calm acoustic songs. The singer Myles Kennedy has such epic vocals I could listen to the isolated vocal tracks. The guitar solos are also very good as are the lead guitar riffs.

7. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The conspirators – Hard rock

You may know Slash from Guns n’ Roses, the songs from this band are so awesome and up-tempo. Awesome lyrics, vocals, drumming, bass and guitar riffs/solos make this band one of my all-time favourites. They have a classic hard rock sound which makes them easy to recognize, at least for me. I could also recommend listening to them while working out in some way, the push the songs can give you will keep you going for a bit longer than normal!

8. Queen – Rock

I would be surprised if anyone of you hasn’t heard about Queen, this legendary band have been satisfying my ear’s needs for many many years. Freddie’s vocals are out of this world and the musicality of the songs are simply godlike. It is hard for me to not sing along to any of their songs when they come on. They have many different moods in their songs so I am sure you will find at least one song you like. “Don’t stop me now” and “Crazy little thing called love” are two of my favourites.

9. Dire Straits – Blues rock

This is one of the bands I got introduced to quite early in my life since my brother listened to them. The sound and mood in the songs are epic. “Sultans of Swing” and “Walk Of Life” are two very feel-good songs, they always cheer me up whenever I listen to them. Mark’s unique technique on the guitar gives the songs a special tone.

10. Pink Floyd – Progressive rock

Legends in many ways. The atmospheric feel when you put on “Dark side of the moon” on the record player and listen through the whole album in one sitting is very therapeutic. All I can say that if you listen to them, listen to a few songs before deciding if you like them or not. “Coming back to life”, “Another brick in the wall”, “Comfortably Numb”, “Money” and “Time” are a few of many awesome songs I recommend!

We have reached the end of the list. This list is just of a few bands I listen to right now a lot and bands I have listened to for a long time. The list would probably look a lot differently a year ago and in a year. Hope you liked this special post and that you maybe find some new music to listen to. Comment if you have found some new music to add to your playlists or if you have any thoughts about my list. You could also let me know if there is any other type of list you would like me to make. See you tomorrow. Baaai! 🙂

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