Hey, it’s Monday!

Good afternoon! Are you a person who enjoys Mondays? I don’t mind Mondays actually, the mornings can be a bit rough but once you wake up a bit it’s fine. 🙂

After Sandra went to work this morning, I played some 7DTD, been getting some good progress the past few days. When Sandra came back from work, she planned what we are going to eat this week. We ate lunch and then went to the store to buy this week’s groceries. Kira has become so good at being home alone without doing any business in her pen or making too much noise. When we came back from the store we went for a walk with Kira, she did well even though she was a bit tired. Luckily though it is not that hot outside today if you don’t have a hoodie you might even feel a bit cold.

Picture from when I went outside in the “morning”

Before I began writing this post, I did some laundry so when it is done I will hang it up. I have also planned to publish my “Top 10 bands” post at 18:00 GMT+3, if it takes longer I will publish asap but at latest 20:00 GMT+3 so stay tuned for that! 😉

I am now going to start writing that so that I hopefully finish it in time! 😀 See you later and have a great day! Baaai!

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