What to do this weekend?

Good day everybody! How is your day going?

Yesterday before going to bed, I brewed some coffee and let it cool off and then put it in the freeze. When I woke up this morning I then had a fast way to get some iced coffee, it was delicious but next time I will use an ice-cube tray because now I had to hack the ice into smaller pieces to be able to fit them into my mug. It was very refreshing and way nicer than drinking a hot cup of coffee on a hot day. This morning it was 30 degrees!!! Hopefully, it will go down later so that I can go for a run. 🙂

A good way to cool off!

I have been preparing lunch for the past hour, Sandra is helping out at a pony club event. I think she will be home soon so hopefully, the food will be ready when she arrives. I have been cutting vegetables and they are now in the oven, we are going to eat oven baked vegetables with some vegetable beef. I have used: potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, beetroots and parsnips.

We have not planned anything this weekend so I do not know if I am going to do anything special, but we’ll see. I will post sometime in the evening how the lunch turned out and how the run went if I went on it. What are your plans for the weekend? Have a great day and see you later! 😉 Baaai! 🙂

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