Running photography!

Good evening!


So, I went for a run and man was it sweaty! I didn’t want to wait until it was any later because we are going for a walk with Kira before we are going to go to bed. The run went really well actually, even though it was over twice and far as last time. I managed to keep a good pace so that I would be able to jog all the way. First I walked for about a minute maybe before I started jogging, I then jogged until I was at the halfway point approximately. There I paused for a minute maybe and drank some water and took some photos.Screenshot_20190608-213032_Sports Tracker.jpg

Here are the photos a took while I paused and a photo from when I came around the last turn before a ~1 km straight road. 🙂


It is a good feeling to finally be able to jog a bit longer distances again, I am hoping to get to around 5-7 km soon!

Yesterday we got to taste our own cherry tomatoes that we have on our balcony!!! They were red and gorgeous but when we ate them we realized that they weren’t completely ripe yet. They were a bit sour and the skin was slightly too thick. More and more tomatoes are getting ripe day by day, they change colour so quickly that they can go from slightly orange to red in a day! 😮

Now I am going to relax for a while and we will watch some Sommarkrysset for a while before going out with Kira. Hope you have had a wonderful day and I will see you again tomorrow! 🙂 Baaai!

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