Finally Friday!

Good evening everybody! 🙂 How are you today?

It is finally Friday, this week has been going quite slow. Today there has been a thunderstorm here. I am one of those who do not mind, or rather, like thunderstorms. They are so refreshing and it is so relaxing to just sit and listen to the rain and thunder. I can’t be the only one? It is the first time Kira experiences thunder and she handled it well, she did not bark or anything really. When we went outside she just looked into the sky with a wondering look and then continued on with her life.

During the thunderstorm, I decided that since I am quite limited to what I can do, I will set up my camera and try and capture the thunderstorm. I also filmed some on my phone which you can see above, I will have to go through the footage and see if it is any good. If it is good I will try and make some sort of timelapse and probably upload it to Youtube. While the camera was filming I sat on the sofa with Kira. It is currently 23 degrees outside, and inside it is as hot or even hotter. I have been trying to drink a lot from my Camelbak water bottle but I have still drunk too little.20190607_151825.jpg

We just came home from having been and had Kira play in the water for a while to cool off. Sandra has gone to the gym and I am now going to play some 7 Days to die until she comes home. Have a great Friday evening and I will see you again tomorrow! Baaai! 🙂

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