Sweating like a pig!

Good evening! Hope you are having a good day, this extremely hot Thursday. 🙂

Today we have picked up the wooden pallets for our balcony. It went quite smoothly to get them to the balcony and now we just need to get some pads to put on top to make it more comfortable. 20190606_152209.jpg

It has been around 30 degrees for most of the day today, now it is finally starting to go down, it is maybe 20 degrees now so still quite hot. Yesterday when the weather wasn’t this hot and it was a bit cloudy, Sandra and I went and took some photos. They turned out great and we found some new beautiful places by luck when we were looking around some unfamiliar places.

One of the better pictures! ❤

After we had placed the pallets on the balcony, we relaxed for a while. I then thought about going for a jog but then realized that it was way too hot for that, I would pass out from the heat! 😮 I then decided that I will go to the gym instead, where it hopefully is a bit cooler. Said and done, I went to the gym and did quite a killer workout, I warmed up by walking for 2 minutes and the jogged until I hit 1 km. I then continued with going to all the machines and after I was done with them, I finished off with rowing 1 km on the rowing machine. I am quite surprised at how well it went, I always felt like I could do a little bit more and even when I was done I wasn’t super exhausted which I had expected myself to be.

I am proud of myself for this! When I got home Sandra sunbathed for a while before we ate dinner. After dinner, we went for a short walk with Kira and when we got back home and I was giving Kira her food, we noticed that we are soon out of dog food. I went to the store and surprise surprise they have no dog food for puppies, luckily though Sandra is going to school tomorrow so she can go and hopefully find some in the city. While I was at the store I also bought home some ice cream, delicious and so wonderful to cool yourself down with, in this hot weather.20190606_200909.jpg

Tomorrow I will try and go for a jog in the evening when Sandra comes home, hopefully, it is not as hot as today then. The forecast says it’s going to be some thunder tomorrow so we are excited to see how Kira will react to it. Now I am going to take a cold shower and then relax on the sofa with Sandra and maybe Kira if she wants to be there as well. See you again tomorrow! Baaai! 🙂

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