Wednesday is a hot day!

Good afternoon to you! Hope you are having a good day.

So yesterday I went for a run, I first checked if I had any air in the bicycle wheel but nope. I will need to get a new inner tube for the front wheel before I can begin my cycling “season”. 😀 The run went very well, have not been on a run for some time so I am proud of myself that I managed to run all the way and it was not too exhausting. I had quite a good tempo all the way through, average 8.9 km/h. It was not nearly the longest run I have been on, but it is a good beginning anyway.20190605_105238.jpg

We have quite recently gotten home from being at a place where Kira could cool off in the water, she loved it. She walked out a bit too far though and was surprised when the ground suddenly disappeared, she jumped up and turned around and jumped back to shore like a rabbit. It was really beautiful out there at the waterside.

Soon I think I am going to make some coffee and eat some leftover cake from the party. It is so hot outside today. When I got up at around 08:30 it was already 27°C and I am not sure what it is in the shade now but probably around 20-24°C. On the balcony, it is extremely hot because the sun is shining right on the concrete and the wind does not really find its way in there either! When we got back from the place where Kira “swam” a little, we sat on the balcony for a while and ate some ice cream we had bought, but we quickly decided that it’s too hot to sit there right now. It was 33,5°C when we measured, hopefully, it will be a bit better when the sun starts going down and it’s a bit cooler outside.

Sandra is currently doing some homework and I am watching some Youtube and relaxing on the sofa. In a while we will probably start cooking some dinner, lentil soup, it’s so delicious with some crème fraîche and oven baked herb bread.

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow! Remember to put on some sunscreen if you are going to be outside for a long time! 😉 Baaai! 🙂

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