Time to do some cleaning!

Good morning, I hope you are having a good weekend!

Yesterday we were at Sandra’s brother’s graduation party for the whole day. We got there at around 09:15 and began doing the garnish for the cakes. 3 Pavlovas and 3 sandwich cakes, they turned out great and were so delicious. Luckily, we got to bring some pieces home that we will eat today at some point, yum! I was assigned the photograph role since I have a DSLR camera, it was fun as always and I took about 140~ images. At some point, I am going to go through them and remove those who aren’t good. There were quite a lot of people and we got home at around 19:30ish, we were so tired that we watched TV for about an hour and then went to bed at around 21:30.

Kira is making sure everything is going according to the plans!

We got up today at around 08:00 and we have now had breakfast and we have cleaned up a bit around the apartment. I have been watching a series called Bordertown, a Finnish crime series, while Sandra has been vacuuming. When she is done I am going to clean the floor and after that probably continue to watch the rest of the episode of Bordertown.

We do not have any plans for today, since we are quite exhausted from yesterday I suspect that we will just relax all day long, maybe go for a walk later. If I found some suiting images from the party I will post them here in my next post. Hope you will have a good day! Baaaii!! 🙂

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