Good series to watch?

Good evening! How is your day going?

I am currently on the sofa watching some Funhaus on Youtube with Kira next to me, Sandra is away horseback riding with one of her friends but I think she will be home quite soon though.wp-1559229179834.jpg

So Game of Thrones has ended and I do not know what series to start watching now. I have heard a lot about Chernobyl so maybe I will try to watch the pilot and see if I like it. And I cannot wait for Blacklist to start again, loved it so much and have been excited for the new season for so long now. 😀

Today the weather has been quite good, it has been quite windy so not so warm outside and at around 18:00 it started raining. I am not sure what Sandra and I will watch when she gets back home, maybe some Mästarnas Mästare unless there is something more fun on Youtube.

Yesterday the weather was really beautiful and when I was outside with Kira I took my earbuds with me, love them so much, good sound and very comfortable. I managed to snap a good picture of our little puppy.

Also today, Kira is turning 5 months old. We have had her for 3 months but it feels like so much longer, like she has always been with us. She has grown quite a lot, almost 5 kg but it is hard to say how much bigger in size she is. We are so eager to see what she will look like in a few months time. It is so much fun to see her learning new stuff and really getting to know her personality. She is allowed to be on the couch so whenever she wants up, she sits up with her paws on the sofa and looks at you with the puppy eyes to let you know that she wants you to help her up. She has been able to jump up in the main sofa one time before, but she did not get the hang of the technique so we are still waiting for her to learn how to jump up by herself. They say that when the puppy is 5 months old, they get really stubborn and “forget” everything they have been taught before. Hopefully, Kira will not be too difficult to deal with, but we have read up on how you are supposed to deal with that period. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but she is so good with sleeping all night long and she has been that good almost 1-2 weeks after we got her.

I am now going to connect my MacBook to the TV and continue watching Youtube. Hope you will have a good day and I will see you tomorrow most likely because then I have some news on what is happening this weekend. Baaaii!

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