Game reviews?

Good evening!

How’s your day going? I am relaxing in the sofa with Sandra and soon coming off the local anaesthesia from when I was at the dentist. It went well and only took about 30 minutes, but they did a lot in a short amount of time. I got some good instructions on what to do until next time and will hopefully be able to follow it.

Also if you somehow missed it, Finland won the ice-hockey world championship. Yaaay! It was such an exciting game to watch.

We got home maybe 20 minutes ago from a 2km walk with Kira which was very refreshing. She is quite good at walking and does not run around like crazy. The weather was luckily good when we walked because it has been raining quite a lot the past few days.

I have been playing some games lately, I was thinking about doing some short reviews on them if anyone of you would like to read that? The games I would do are XCOM2 and Assassin’s Creed – Origins.

Tomorrow I will be home alone with Kira when Sandra is at work, I will see if I do anything special or if I just take it easy. Hope you will have a good day and see you next time! Baaaiii!

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