Sunny Monday

Good afternoon to you, the reader of this post.

I am currently sitting on our balcony with Kira in my lap and trying to eat some rhubarb pie. There’s almost no wind, it’s sunny and quite warm here. I have just come home from work and it feels good to be able to relax on the balcony, now that it’s a bit warmer.

The past few weeks have been quite hectic due to a lot of assignments and having two exams to study for. I thought I only had one exam last Friday, but it turned out that I could do them both. With some luck, I might have passed the exam I did not prepare for but I am quite sure that I did not. I just have to wait for the results to come in so that I can prepare for a new attempt at it.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the dentist at 14:15. Hopefully, it will be over quickly so that I can return home to Kira as soon as possible since she will be home alone because Sandra is at school at that time.

I am trying to figure out what small project I could start working on, it would be fun to make maybe a small game or something but I have not decided yet. I have some ideas about a card game but I will have to see if I actually go for it or not. Let me know if you have any ideas on what I could make (by programming).

Sandra and I are planning on upgrading the furniture we have on our balcony which we hopefully will fix sometime soon. I will update on our progress once we have actually gotten some new stuff. We plan on making it really cosy and we hope it will turn out as expected.

Hope you will have a great week and I will see you some other time. Baaii!!

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