Split it into two

Hello, hope you are having a good day, my day has begun quite well I would say.


Today the weather almost woke us up because the wind is blowing so hard today, it is said to be around 10 m/s. Because it was so windy and the clouds were moving so fast, I decided to set up my camera and try to film and make a timelapse, which I may or may not post on the blog later. It depends on how big it becomes, I might just post a snippet from it if it turns out good enough. While the camera was filming, Sandra and I ate some breakfast and watched an episode of Breaking Bad.

After the camera finished recording and we finished watching Breaking Bad, I changed into some more formal clothes because I was expecting a person, from a company which recruit people for work, to come by our apartment. She arrived on time at around 11:00, the interview went well and she was a really nice person and easy to talk to. As it looks now, next week’s Friday, I am going to go to work for my first day and have someone teach me how to do things there. I am so excited and happy because it will be the same work as Sandra so we can drive there together.

Now I am editing the timelapse and after I will play some games and eat lunch. Hope you will have a good day and I will try and post another post later in the evening. Baaii!!

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