Good evening

Good evening, it is not long now before Sandra arrives back home from work and we will cosy up on the sofa and watch the final episode of Orange is the new black. Soooo excited to see how it ends. Today I have been playing mostly Witcher 3 but also some CSGO. For dinner, I had pasta salad which we prepared earlier in the morning.


I forgot to write it in the previous post, yesterday in the evening we baked some carrot bread which turned out so good.

The timelapse was not as visually beautiful as I had hoped but I will share I link to it anyway if you want to watch it. Timelapse
Now I am going to continue watching Vikings. Later tonight Sandra and I are going to watch Swedish Idol as well, excited to see who advances from today. Hope you have had a good day and I will see you again tomorrow when it is Friday. Not sure if there is anything special happening tomorrow other than Sandra going to school for her first lecture. Like and leave a comment on what you thought about the timelapse. Tomorrow I have an idea for a post that I hope you will like. Baaii!!

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