Could a Viking solve a Rubik’s cube?

Good afternoon to you all, hope you are having a good Tuesday!

I am first going to ask for a favour if you could be so kind and answer the poll I have open on the About me page, I would be very thankful.

Yesterday before we relaxed on the sofa, we made today’s lunch, creamy mushroom pasta. Easy to make and it tastes delicious.


Today I got up at the same time as Sandra at around 06:45. We ate breakfast and when she drove to work I sat down at my computer and sent some emails before I began playing The Witcher 3. I have an interview on Thursday that I am excited about if it all goes well I might start working at the same place as Sandra. Because we only have one car, it would be really good if we could work at the same place and drive there together. Hopefully, it all goes well.

I am now on the sofa watching some Vikings. I have wondered for a few days, it might be an odd thing to think about, but anyway if the Rubik’s cube had been around at the same time as the Vikings, would someone of them have been able to solve it? Like, is it a question of time, because there is a chance that one could solve it by chance if you just sit with it long enough or is there more to it? Do you need a certain amount of problem-solving skills to be able to solve it? I do now know the answer, but it would be interesting, in my opinion, to know whether they could or not. Now that I have rambled on about that, I am going to continue to watch Vikings. If something interesting happens during the day or there is something to write about, I might post about it later today but if not I will see you tomorrow! 🙂 Baaii!!

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