Vikings with a Rubik’s cube

You might be wondering my mysterious title, but I hope this post will explain it. Good afternoon, by the way, hope you are having a good day so far. I forgot to add images to the post from Friday, I will add those now. The weather was so wonderful in the evening that we sat on the balcony before we went out for the walk. While we were on the balcony, we had hot chocolate with some whipped cream, it was really relaxing but a tiny bit cold. 😉

Yesterday we went to Sandras parents and got some stuff. When we got home it was at around 21:00, but Sandra decided to start making some apple jam from the apples we got while we visited her parents. The apples were from her grandparents if I am not mistaken. The jam turned out really good, it is now in the freezer so we have quite a lot for the future because we already had some from when Sandra’s mother made some jam.

Today, we stayed in bed for a bit longer than usual. Once we got up we had some breakfast, Sandra had porridge with apple jam and I had some tea with bread.20180916_091816.jpg

At around lunchtime, my brother and his wife and kids visited us for the first time in our new apartment. They thought it looked very good and was bigger than they had imagined. My nephew then found my Rubik’s cube that I had on the tv-table and asked if it was mine. I said “Yes” and he began twisting and turning the layers without any success, would have been really surprised if he would have solved by chance or luck that fast. I asked if he wanted me to solve it for him, he mumbled “yes” and gave me the cube, after I solved it I told him “That is how easy it is”. As a housewarming present, happy lights, they are called and it is a type of light we have been planning on buying so it was good timing that we received it. Sandra and I are quite sure as of what to buy for my nephew for Christmas and when I see him I can then try and teach him how to solve it. They also brought some stuff from my parent’s home which I had left there, some curtains and some hand towels. We put up the curtains and it fit really well with our interior design, following the grey scheme we have.


Right after my brother and they left, Sandra and I drove to a riding area close to where we live, where an agility show was going on. Unfortunately, the show ended just after we arrived, but we got to see some horses so it was not for nothing.

Now I am watching the show Vikings, I had watched the first season a while ago but recently picked it up again. Really loving it, I am about halfway through the second season, it is quite brutal at times but very entertaining. With me, I have a cup of coffee and a plum from the market we went to yesterday. Sandra was in the kitchen when I began writing, making some more apple jam but she has now joined me on the sofa.


Later today, we are going to plan what we are going to eat for the incoming week, after that we will go shopping for the week as well. We try to go on a big shopping run just at the end of the week to keep the unnecessary stuff that you might buy to a minimum.

Leave a like or a comment and I will see you again tomorrow. A new fresh week with new possibilities. Baaii!!

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