Market and cleaning

Hello, hope you are having a good day!

Yesterday Sandra and I went for a walk at around 20:00, it is becoming colder each day.

Today after Sandra and I had breakfast at around 09:30, we decided to go to a market even though the weather was really bad. When we woke up it was raining so hard we thought that we would definitely not go, but luckily the weather cleared up.

Before we got to the market we had to go on a bus which took us to a ferry. Since the wind was quite strong, the waves were big enough to make the ferry wobble. Once we got over to the other side, the bus took us to the market. At the market, which was quite small, we bought some candy, plums, two freshly baked jam doughnuts and I also bought a new wallet. After about 30 minutes we went back to wait for the bus to pick us up again, we waited for about 25 minutes until the bus arrived.

When we got back home we made some food and now we are watching Orange is the new black. Soon we will need to do some cleaning because tomorrow we will have some visitors. Now I am going to continue being cosy so see you tomorrow. Baaii!!

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