Good morning apartment

Good morning, I woke up at the same time as Sandra and we had some breakfast at around 05:50, when she drove to work at around 06:30 I went back to bed and when she messaged that “I am at work now” I fell asleep after some minutes. I slept till around 09:00 and got up and made myself a cup of coffee. The weather today is good right now, no clouds and a blue sky, but the forecast says there will be rain later so we will see.wp-1536907472770.jpg

I am now going to post some pictures of our apartment, I have only got pictures of the bedroom, living room and kitchen since the other rooms are a bit messy. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

So here is the bedroom, quite big and very cosy when we make the bed and have the window lamp on when it becomes dark.

Next, we have the living room, also quite big and very bright when the blinds are open.

And finally the cosy kitchen. Not the biggest but big enough for two people to cook in. Right to the left of me where I took the image, there is a microwave and on the wall, we have a weekly planner where we plan what we will eat for the week.


So that is what our apartment looks like, big and spacious and very cosy. Luckily both Sandra and I like the greyscale and had a lot of stuff in those colours before we moved. The apartment has a nice (in our opinion) style to it with the black, white and grey, apart from a few things.

Now I am going to finish my cup of coffee and watch some Youtube and maybe continue watching Vikings and maybe Elementary if a new episode is out, can highly recommend watching those. Also just recently Sandra and I began watching Breaking Bad and I would say that we both love it, it is funny, exciting and dramatic, I recommend watching it if you like that kind of stuff.

Have a great Friday, leave a like or a comment if there is something you want to ask and I will see you tomorrow! 🙂

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