Time to become active

Hello and hope you are having a great day!

I am currently at my new home and now sitting in our office with a cup of coffee. So one and a half week ago was a big and exciting weekend for my girlfriend and me. We have been together for three years and it has been long-distance for most of it, but one and a half week after we celebrated our three-year anniversary we finally moved in together.

The photos I have are already old and we have changed up some stuff in our apartment. I will post some pictures in a later post since it is so early now so the lighting in the apartment is quite dark so I cannot take any good pictures right now. But I promise I will have pictures for the next post! 😀

We have moved to an 82 m² apartment in a town called Malax. Luckily we have about everything we need at walking distance, the shop, the pharmacy, the bank and much more. We also have only about a 20 min car ride to a big city, which is really nice and handy. When we moved we had almost everything we needed from before but some stuff that we have bought are a bookshelf and a connect sofa I think it is called. We have some plans for what we are going to buy in the future since there is quite a lot of space still available.

The apartment has quite a lot of storage, we have two quite big storage rooms where we keep boxes and like shopping bags and things for the bed. We also have a bigger storage room which we use as a walking closet. We have quite a big bedroom and the living room is also quite big, the kitchen is a bit smaller than the big rooms but it is big enough for us two to be able to work. We also have a spare room which we use as an office, where I have my computer set up and also my guitar stuff. Sandra also has a desk here which she uses as a makeup desk and also a work desk. This office can also be used as a guest room since we have a couch here which you can transform into a bed.

We have soon lived here for two weeks, but it still feels like it is a dream but it is slowly but surely feeling more and more like this actually is our home now, which is soooo wonderful!

Today I have not got anything special planned, Sandra went to work this morning and comes home in the afternoon. Until she is home I am going to fix some stuff in the apartment, manage some things for school and maybe watch a movie or do some exercise outside if the weather allows.

Hope you will like the new things I am going to write about and I hope you will become a regular over here. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow most likely. Baaii!

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