Sunday funday

Good evening to you all.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, I have and I am going to tell you about my weekend.

On Friday I arrived in Vasa at 11:15, Sandra picked me up and we had planned on going for lunch at RAX. But since we were going to a restaurant on Saturday we decided to just go home and eat what had been made there. When we got home to Sandra’s home, we relaxed for a little while and then ate lunch. After lunch, we watched some series and then at 16:20 we went out for a 5km walk. The weather was lovely and it was not too cold luckily. After we got back home, we ate dinner and then watched some more series. At 21:00 we watched the Swedish Let’s Dance before we went to sleep, I fell asleep quite fast since I had been awake for almost 20 hours.

Saturday morning we got up quite early and had breakfast and went to the gym at around 09:00. We were at the gym for a little more than an hour, I am still feeling sore in my muscles. When we got back from the gym, we relaxed for a while until we ate lunch. After lunch, I began moving some images from an old laptop of hers to some USBs. It took quite some time so I did not manage to move all images before we had to leave. At around half past three, me and Sandra, looking really good, got into her car and drove to Vasa to meet up with two of my older brothers and my brother’s wife.
We arrived quite early so we stood outside of Ritz for a few minutes before my brothers showed up. Once we got into Ritz and had our tickets scanned, we sat down and chatted before the show started. The show started at 17:00 and ended at around 18:30. It was phenomenal, I do not think that I have laughed that much before. There were not many seconds or minuted of the show that you did not have a big smile on your face. Johan Glans is so special in the way that he does his stand up. I highly recommend if you have the chance to go and see him, do it. After the show, with our jaws sore from laughing, we walked to a restaurant called Frans & Nicole. We arrived almost 40 minutes early, but luckily for us the table we had reserved was already available. We were guided to our table and sat there for some minutes before the waiter came and asked what drinks and food we wanted. Sandra took grilled chicken while I had (roughly translated) barbecue steak done medium. Sandra thought the food was okay, everything except the chicken was really good but the chicken did not really bring home many points. I loved my steak, it was juicy and so tasty, it had some sort of herb-butter on top which made it all so good. We also had some dessert, passion crème brulée, funny enough on our way to Vasa we talked about how we would want to try crème brulée since we never have tried it. And when we saw it on the menu we had to try it. It was quite tasty but nothing like I had expected, so I am not sure if I like it or not. After we had paid, Sandra and I drove back home and went to sleep quite soon after we had gotten home.

The venue where Johan Glans performed

On Sunday we got up at around half past nine and ate some breakfast. After breakfast, I moved the last images to the USBs and then made a bootable USB to do a clean installation of Windows 10 on her laptop. Before I began installing, we went for a short walk to wake up, the weather was even more perfect than earlier so it was really nice. When we got back home, I began installing and after I had done the first few steps it did some small things by itself and while it did that Sandra and I began peeling some potatoes that were going to be used for lunch. After we were done, we sat down and watched some youtube and also installed some stuff on the newly installed laptop. It got quite a lot faster now which is good, because before it was really slow and you could barely use it without getting angry. Now we just relaxed and cuddled for a while before Sandra got her riding gear on and we went to the place where she had a lesson. She rode a big horse, ~165 cm at the withers, she did so damn well and I am so proud of her. It is so much fun spectating Sandra when she is riding. When you can see the excitement in her eyes and the joy she gets when she nails some moves, it makes me so happy.

Mimmi (Sandra’s family’s cat) chilling in the sun and Sandra preparing the horse she was going to ride (she is such a horse-whisperer in my opinion)

After the riding lesson we were quite in a hurry because the lesson ended at around 16:40 and then we drove back home at ~16:50. We had to leave at around 17:25/17:30 to be able to go and fuel her car on the way. When we got home Sandra threw all my stuff into my bags and I went to the toilet. We then ate some food really quickly and then jumped into the car. We came quite early to the train station so we had a lot of time to sit and cuddle and chat for a while before I went on board the train. Now the train is at Seinäjoki and I am watching some Elementary, which I will be doing for the whole journey. I will arrive in Turku quite late so I will take a taxi home and I will be back in my apartment at around 23:15.

Tomorrow it is back to school stuff again. Have a nice evening and see you next time. Baii!

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