Back to Monday

Good evening to you all, hope you have had a great weekend.

Now it is late Monday evening, for the past few days I have not really done much so this will just be a short update.

On the weekend I played games, worked on some assignments and talked with my girlfriend. I just remembered that I have not said what type of advent calendar I have got, me and Sandra gave each other the same type because we were at the store last time I was at her place and at the store we had decided to buy each other advent calendars. We looked for a while but did not find where they had them, we only found a stack near some shelves that we thought will do and it was a Mars advent calendar.


Today I had a short lecture at 10:15 where we talked about the upcoming exam on Friday, after that I ate some lunch, shrimp sauce with pasta and after lunch, I had to keep myself amused for about 2 hours until my next lecture started at 13:30.

On my way home I went via the shop and bought some groceries and I have been chilling for the rest of the day since I got home. Skyped with my girlfriend and watched some “series” as well in the evening which was fun. ❤

Now it is only 4 days until I get to be with Sandra again so I am really excited about that! ❤

Now I am going to go to sleep, good night and I will talk to you another time!

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