Good evening to you all, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything. I will not go through each day since I last posted something, but I will try and give a daily summary from the past Friday until now.


I woke up quite early because I had a lecture at 08:30, after the lecture I went home and packed the last things that I did not pack the night before. I then ate a chicken burger I had bought the day before and after that, I just watched some Youtube for a while before I had to leave. At around 11:55 I began walking to the train station, I arrived there at around 12:35 and sat there and waited for the train to arrive so I could go on it; We left the station on time at 13:05 and I arrived in Vasa at 18:07.

On our way home to Sandras, we went via City Market and Subway and bought some fruits, mulled wine and some other goodies and also take-away Subway which we ate when we got home. After we had eaten, we prepared a honeydew melon and a pineapple which we ate while we watched Swedish Idol for the rest of the night.


When we got up we had some breakfast and then began baking some gingerbread cookies. After the cookies were done, we put on some better clothes because Sandra’s aunt and husband came over for some coffee because Sandra’s birthday was on Sunday but they had some other plans so they came a day earlier. After they had left, we chilled for a while before we went for a long walk in the evening which was really refreshing because the weather was nice, it did start to dribble some when we were on our way back but luckily not that much. Once we got back home we watched Så mycket bättre before going to bed.


Sandra’s 19th birthday, we woke up and ate some breakfast and after that, we cleaned up a little bit in her room but Sandra did most of the work, but I did ask if she wanted me to help. 😉 At around 14:00 guest began arriving and from there we ate cakes and other delicious stuff and chatted. Once the guests had gone home we just relaxed for the rest of the evening.


We got up quite early because Sandra had school at 08:45, when she went to school I tried my best to work on some assignments to some success. When Sandra got back home from school we made ourselves some lunch, stir-fry noodles and vegetables, delicious as always. After lunch, we relaxed for a while and then we went to the gym for about an hour, it was fun and we did well.


On our way home from the gym, we went via the shop to buy some ingredients for dinner which we had promised her family to make, we had planned on making something vegetarian and got the idea that we could make baked vegetables and broccoli patties with tzatziki. For being the first time we have ever made baked vegetables it was really tasty and even Sandra’s family really liked it and we all ate a lot.
The vegetables we used were parsnip, carrot, sweet potato, red onion and cauliflower.

For the rest of the evening, we just relaxed, drank some mulled wine and ate some gingerbread cookies.


Sandra had an event she had to attend to in the morning so I worked on the assignments until she got back home. When she got back home we relaxed and made ourselves a fruit bowl with whipped cream which was really tasty with banana, kiwi, honeydew melon, mango, persimmon and pineapple.


When the clock was around 16:45, we began making ourselves ready to go to the winter ball, I must say that we looked extremely good when we were done, especially my beautiful girlfriend and I was so proud to be with her at the event (I LOVE YOOUU ❤ ). It was fun and the program was good, the food was upgraded from last year so it was really good as well.


The ball started at 18:00 but we arrived at around 17:40 and we went home at around 21:30. For the rest of the evening, we relaxed as usual and watched some series.


Today I have done something I have never done before after we had eaten breakfast we went to a stable and I walked alongside Sandra while she rode a horse and when we got back, I got to get up on the horse and Sandra walked us around and I actually manage to do some trot as well, for the first time being up on a horse it was exciting and fun. I really look forward to doing it again some time because I had the best teacher, my girlfriend, she got so excited when it clicked for me when I did the trot and managed to get a rhythm in riding and that made me so happy.

When we got back from the horse riding we went outside and took some photos because the weather was just amazing, when we got back inside we drank some warm drinks and relaxed. The train back to Turku left at 15:48 and now I am back home which is not fun because Sandra is not here with me. ❤ But it is only 9 more days until I get to see her again because we are going to my hometown for the weekend to celebrate my grandparents which will be fun.

Heres one of the more funny photos we took today.


Today Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence, congratulations to you Finland!

Hope you have had a great weekend and I will try to be more active the upcoming days.

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