Friday, not my day…

Good evening to you all.

Today it is Friday and I have sore feet from quite a lot of walking and for some reason I am feeling a bit down. Today I had an early lecture at 08:30 and straight after the lecture I went to the city centre and bought the stuff I listed yesterday that I would buy. When I was at Dressman to buy the shirt, I found out that the material of the quite cheap, 29,90€, dress shirt was not the “normal” material so I had to buy the more expensive one for 49,90€.

When I got home, I realised that the Christmas lights I had bought were 19 meters long 😮
I wondered whether I should put in the living room or in the bedroom, the living room would be really cosy if those lights were there but I usually do not spend that much time there unless Sandra is here, that is why I decided to put it in the bedroom where I spend 98% of my time anyway. At first, I thought that 19 meters, how am I supposed to get that to fit into this small room and how should I arrange it? I then realised that, hey, I could put it up on the walls at the cornices and so I did, at first I thought that this is going to look ridiculous but when I was done, to my surprise it looked quite good actually and here is the result.


The light is a warm yellow light so when you enter the room now when it is dark outside you feel a warmth from it. I am pleased with how it turned out and now I just wish there was a lot or any snow outside so you could get into the Christmas spirit.

Now I am going to relax, play some games and maybe watch some Swedish Idol since there are only four participants left and one of my favourites is there, Chris Kläfford, his voice is amazing and his performances are so extraordinary, looking forward to hearing him sing a duet with Linnea Henriksson.

Hope you have a great day and I will see you another time.

For no reason what so ever, here is a picture of when I got my first tattoo, still my favourite tattoo of all time and it is so unique in my opinion


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