The day before Black Friday

Good evening to you all, how are you today?

Today when I woke up, the ground was once again white, it began snowing yesterday in the evening and has probably snowed all night long. I had my first lecture at 10:15, Advanced Text Algorithms, after the lecture I went for lunch at the school restaurant and there I ate tuna and spinach lasagna, it was surprisingly tasty. After lunch, I had a lecture at 13:30, numbers and probabilities which was an interesting lecture because we have started on the probability part of the course.

Snowing in Turku

When I walked home from school it rained a little bit, I walked home with a friend of mine and we talked about school stuff mainly. On my way home I also went to the shop to buy some groceries AND mulled wine, I love mulled wine because it gives you the Christmas spirit, when I came home, I played some games and waited eagerly for my girlfriend to get home (to her home from the barber) because she has dyed her hair, she is now a brunette. It fits her perfectly and she looks so beautiful with her new hair and I can not wait to see it in real life. ❤

I have now been reading some stuff for tomorrow’s lecture and after the lecture, I will go to the city centre and do some Black Friday shopping, I am going to buy a birthday gift for my girlfriend but also a new white shirt for my suit and maybe some “christmassy” stuff for the apartment, like some scented candles or some decorations.

Since I have not written anything on here in a few days, I thought I would write a little about each day this week.

I had two lectures that day and worked on some assignments during the evening.

The first lecture was a lecture were we got assistance with the assignment and there I almost finished the assignment and finished it when I got home, I also finished another assignment in the evening as well so I am quite proud of what I managed to do that day.

Did not do much, played games and watched some Youtube pretty much all day long.

Now I am going to read some more and then maybe watch some Youtube or play some games before I go to bed because I need to get up at 07:30 tomorrow because I have one lecture at 08:30. I need to get a good breakfast since I am going shopping straight after the lecture.

Hope you have had a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow or some other day.

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