Friday, train day

Good afternoon to you all.

Today I got up around 09:00, when I got up I watched Youtube and played some games for a while. At around 12:30 I made myself a simple lunch, tuna and scrambled eggs, after lunch, I went through my packing list and packed everything on there.

At around 13:47 I took my rather heavy bags and vent via the shops and bought some snacks and a super smoothie and then walked for about 40 minutes until I arrived at the train station. I went into the train at around 14:35 so I was 30 minutes earlier since it was leaving at 15:05. When I arrive in Tampere I will go and eat some because the next train leaves about 1,5 hours after I arrive, I have a lot of extra time.


When the train stops in Seinäjoki, my girlfriend will come aboard the same train as well and we get to ride it together until we arrive in Bennäs at 20:18, if we are on time that is. I am now just listening to some music and thinking about trying to do some assignments done for next week, so see you next time and have a wonderful weekend.

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