Waking up with mulled wine

Good ‘morning’ to you all.

Yesterday I decided that I would write about yesterday today instead.
Yesterday I had a lecture from 10:15 to about 10:45 because we got help with an assignment which I had a problem with one of the questions. After the lecture, I walked home and went via the shop and bought some mulled wine, Pringles, Brain blasterz, milk and chicken balls.

When I got back home I played some games before my next lecture Advanced text algorithms at 15:15 to 16:57 (the lecture went a bit over time), where we talked about Suffix trees which were interesting and actually a lecture where I understood almost everything.

I got back home at around 17:30 and I then made myself dinner, chicken balls with macaronies, I was surprised at how tasty it actually was. The chicken balls package contains about 24, I had planned on eating about 6 so that I could have 4 meals from that package. For some reason when I put them in the frying pan, I poured around 12 from the package instead, so I was really full after I was done eating.

After I had eaten my dinner, I washed what I had used and then played games and watched Youtube for the rest of the evening. Before my girlfriend went to sleep she video called me which was a wonderful surprise. ❤ It is now only 2 days until I get to see her! 😀

Today I do not have any lectures I have to go to so I am just going to relax at home for the day, maybe go for a walk if I find the energy for it before it gets too dark because the weather is quite nice today. I do not know if it is cold or not though… Hope you have a great day and I will talk to you another time.

Picture was taken at 12:18

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