Sunday evening

Good evening to you all, as you might have noticed I have not posted on here for a short while, the only reason for it that whenever I have thought about posting something it has been so late in the day so that I felt like it was too late.

On Friday I had my first and only lecture at 10:15, it is the first lecture on this course so it was mainly info about the course. The group is so large that it was decided to split the group by having an extra lecture at 08:30 to 10:00 on Fridays as well and I decided to go on that one, since I only have that lecture on Friday it thought that I might as well go earlier and end earlier so I would get home at around 10:10 instead of possibly eating after the later lecture and then go home at around 12:30.

On Saturday I played games, guitar, did some homework and skyped with my girlfriend.

Today I have not done too much, mostly skyped with Sandra for almost the whole day and watched Så mycket bättre, very interesting and good and I recommend it to anyone who understands Swedish. 😉 Now I am playing some League of Legends with some friends and I will sooner or later go to sleep though because I have my first lecture at 10:15 tomorrow. Hope you have had a great day and I will see you next time.

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