Mud cake day

Good evening to you all!

Today I am quite proud of what I have managed to do, it is nothing special for anyone else than me. I have made the laundry, baked a mud cake (since it is Mud cake day today) and did the dishes.

I woke up quite early but did not get out of bed until around 10:00 and then played some games until quarter to 11 when I went to do my first batch of laundry. While I waited for the laundry to finish, I acted as tech support for my girlfriend because she was having some trouble with a new computer they have. After the first batch of laundry was done, I played some games before my next laundry time.

After I was done with the laundry, I talked with my girlfriend on Skype where we bought train tickets for when we are going to Esse next week and played some Rocket League before my lecture at 15:15, the lecture was Advanced Text Algorithm, interesting but quite difficult.

When I got back home I did the dishes, which took me about 15 minutes, and while I was doing that I had already prepared the mud cake and it was in the oven. When I was done with the dishes the cake was ready so I took it out and let it cool off for a good while. Once it had cooled off, I took a small piece and tried it, delicious but a bit too runny but tomorrow when it has been in the refrigerator overnight it will be a bit more solid and that will be perfect.

Now I am going to relax and watch Youtube and probably play some games as well because tomorrow I have school between 13:30 and 15:00. Hope you have had a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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