On the train back again…

Good evening to you all.

As the title says, I am on the train back to Turku now. We have had a lovely weekend and on Friday I arrived on time at 20:07 and Sandra and I kissed and hugged and then got into the car and drove back home to her.

When we got home I had a piece of pancake that they had eaten earlier, we then put on the tv and watched some Swedish Idols before we went to sleep.

On Saturday after we got up we ate some breakfast and then drove to the city to eat at RAX, after lunch, we went to City Market to buy some shopping where I bought a new pair of winter shoes. When we got back home we watched some series and later we went to church because it was All Saints day. After church, we just chilled and watched some more series and played some cards as well right before bed.


On Sunday we had planned on going out with the horses but the weather was unfortunately quite bad so we decided not to. After we had had breakfast, we watched some series and then played some monopoly which was fun! 😉 We watched some more series before there was dinner at around 16:30, after dinner I packed all my stuff and around 17:30 we began driving towards the train station which is about a 40-minute drive now when the speed restrictions have been lowered.

Now I am watching Youtube which I will do for the rest of the trip, if the trains are on time I will arrive at around 22:50 and there a 40 ish minute walk awaits. Hope you have had a nice weekend and I will talk to you more tomorrow.

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