Friday, not my day…

Good evening to you all. Today it is Friday and I have sore feet from quite a lot of walking and for some reason I am feeling a bit down. Today I had an early lecture at 08:30 and straight after the lecture I went to the city centre and bought the stuff I listed … Continue reading Friday, not my day…

The day before Black Friday

Good evening to you all, how are you today? Today when I woke up, the ground was once again white, it began snowing yesterday in the evening and has probably snowed all night long. I had my first lecture at 10:15, Advanced Text Algorithms, after the lecture I went for lunch at the school restaurant … Continue reading The day before Black Friday

Love of my life

Good evening to you all, hope you are having a great day. I am now on the train feeling a bit down because Sandra just got off the train because she is heading back home and I am going back down to Turku. But I am also happy because I have the most amazing girlfriend … Continue reading Love of my life

Friday, train day

Good afternoon to you all. Today I got up around 09:00, when I got up I watched Youtube and played some games for a while. At around 12:30 I made myself a simple lunch, tuna and scrambled eggs, after lunch, I went through my packing list and packed everything on there. At around 13:47 I … Continue reading Friday, train day

Waking up with mulled wine

Good 'morning' to you all. Yesterday I decided that I would write about yesterday today instead. Yesterday I had a lecture from 10:15 to about 10:45 because we got help with an assignment which I had a problem with one of the questions. After the lecture, I walked home and went via the shop and … Continue reading Waking up with mulled wine

Am I the master riddler?

Good evening everybody. Today I had a lecture from 10:15 to 11:45 where the lecture was about 15 min long and we then got an assignment to start with. I finished it after I had lunch and before the next lecture began at 13:30. When I got home, I played some games for a while … Continue reading Am I the master riddler?

Sunday evening

Good evening to you all, as you might have noticed I have not posted on here for a short while, the only reason for it that whenever I have thought about posting something it has been so late in the day so that I felt like it was too late. On Friday I had my … Continue reading Sunday evening

Almost Friday

Good evening to you all! As you might have noticed yesterday, I did not post anything here, mainly because I had not done anything special so I thought that it was unnecessary to write about literally nothing. Today I got up at around 08:40 because my first lecture started at 10:15. After the first lecture, … Continue reading Almost Friday

Mud cake day

Good evening to you all! Today I am quite proud of what I have managed to do, it is nothing special for anyone else than me. I have made the laundry, baked a mud cake (since it is Mud cake day today) and did the dishes. I woke up quite early but did not get … Continue reading Mud cake day

Back to Monday

Good evening to you all. These are the shoes I bought this weekend, comfy and warm so really perfect for winter. Today I had a lecture between 13:30 and 15:00, before the lecture I had lunch at the school restaurant and had noodle wok with pork, it was okay but there was not really too much … Continue reading Back to Monday