End of October with a new period

Good evening!

Today I have done nothing productive which I would have like to, the assignment is due on Tuesday and I have not touched it yet but I am most likely just going to implement a few of the requirements so I am not too stressed out about it.

On Monday my new period starts, I have got four courses, combinatorics and problem solving, numbers and probability, academic presentation and I still need to find an optional course to pick, I still have not found one so tomorrow I need to do that. I will be having “a lot” more school hours per week now than I have had this period, I just hope that there is not a project you need to make in any of the courses.

If only I would have the ingredients I would have baked a mud cake, but since I do not, I need to be satisfied with ice cream. Now I am just going to relax, hope you have had a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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