Seventeen to go

Good afternoon!

This morning I got up at around 09:40, I decided that I would play some games for a little while before I start studying for tomorrow’s exam. I have now found all the PDFs I will read through which there are 17 of, most of them are around 15-30 slides long but a few of them are double that, there is quite a lot to read. 😀


When I woke up this morning I looked out the window because late in the evening yesterday it started snowing like crazy, I thought then that tomorrow when I wake up, if it has snowed the same amount during the night there will be tons of snow. My assumption was correct this is what it looked like.


So beautiful. 😀 Now I am going to put on some music or videos in the background and start studying, wish me luck and I might post something here later tonight if I take myself time to do so. Have a great day!

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