Sunday with some mango pie

Good evening to you all.

Yesterday in the evening right before we went to bed we sat for maybe an hour and sang while I played the guitar, that was really really cosy and it is so much fun to sing and play with Sandra. Also on Friday evening I finished my assignment and handed it in 9 minutes before the deadline. I

I have been home now for about an hour and 30 minutes. I am now sitting here at my computer, watching Youtube and eating some mango pie.


This morning, Sandra and I got up at around 10 and Sandra made us some porridge, after breakfast, we went for a short walk to get some fresh air and wake up a bit. When we got back we sat down and watched some series before lunch, for lunch, we had spinach soup with boiled eggs, tasty as always. When we had eaten lunch we continued to watch some series before Sandra had to start packing and we then ate the leftover batter pudding.

The weather has been quite beautiful all day long and stayed like that while we walked to the train station, it was quite cold though so our ears were red and cold when we got there. We sat there for a while and then walked to the platform and said our goodbyes, it is always sad when one of us has to leave. Right before the train started rolling I began my walk home, I listened to a podcast on the way home to keep myself from crying.

When I got back home I powered on my computer and began watching Youtube. I can not wait for Sandra to get home now because we have planned to watch something which I am really excited about.

Now I am going to keep watching Youtube and wait for Sandra to get home. Have a nice evening and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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